• Jamie Keller

Toddler Feeding Struggles

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

When babies transition from breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding to solids, they go through a period of learning new motor patterns in their mouth to manage new textures. During this process it's normal for them to go through a period of struggling before mastering more mature feeding skills. Some of these behaviors can be typical of this age but it's important to know the signs of a toddler that is struggling to move forward in their feeding development.

Signs of feeding difficulties in toddlers 12 months and up:

  • Stuffs mouth

  • Gags often

  • Spits food out often

  • Takes a long time to eat one bite

  • Coughs with food or liquids

  • Only eats purees or soft solids

  • Prefers crunchy foods and avoids chewy foods

  • Swallows food whole with little to no chewing

If your child exhibits 3 or more of these signs, your child may benefit from an evaluation with a feeding therapist.

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