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“Getting our gassy baby to like tummy time was a daunting task for us! After struggling with feedings we had a revision on his lip and tongue tie.It was then time to teach him to properly suck and feed We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, Jamie was knowledgeable and extremely helpful to us. She educated us on the importance of strengthening his body and the correlation it has to the tongue. My three month is now exclusively breastfed. No more washing bottles while trying to handle a gassy baby. The best part is we now can see more smiles and grins from our sweet heart. Thank you Jamie!”

- Gigi E.


We are so thankful to have found Tiny Mouth Feeding Therapy! Jamie Keller is an expert in her field and an expert level mama. Her home office is the perfect place for families to come learn and be treated; it’s clean, quiet and welcoming. Jamie is a great listener making her approachable on any discussion point you may have. She is so creative when creating unique and very personalized solutions/treatment plans. When my son was having feeding & tummy issues in his first few weeks Jamie came to our rescue, educating us on tongue ties as well as how function and movement play such a huge role in early feeding and speech development. She taught us infant exercises that encouraged early mobility, relieved gassy bellies and provided a new bonding experience for us. We love our time with Jamie and are thankful for the work she puts in so we can all better understand our babies needs.

Jess L.